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Youth Empowerment

Present generation youth are living in digital technology age, making them busy in today’s electronic gadgets like mobile, computer, internet and TV. Bring them out of this electronic world and making them to play outdoor games is the key, which our organization has been achieved by organizing various sport activities and competitions. Hundreds of youth are now hooked to come on to the ground and make exercise daily.

Apart from this, we have in continuation the classes for students willing to give competitive exams of civil services. We are calling different speakers and motivators to create the conductive atmosphere of competitive exams.Many students are participating

and the number is still growing.

Those are not literate enough for them we have arranged entrepreneurship development sessions and make the needy unemployed aware about DIC, KVIC, NABARD scheme to start their own venture. Being this the quarterly program, beneficiaries are showing good response to these.

Through our Drug Awareness seminar, we have identified the addicted persons and admit them in the de-addiction center. Moreover to make the youth aware about drug addiction, we have arranged group activities, spouse counseling, family counseling, yoga therapy etc.