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Farmers in Vidarbha are passing through most awful situation these days. So our organization come up with the project for ‘Alpa-bhu-dharak’ (Minimal Land Holders) in collaboration with Taluka Krushi Office, under which we are facilitating agriculture cultivation to the farmers on non-profit basis. Through this scheme, farmer pays for the diesel and driver charges of the tractor and cultivates their land. Hundreds of farmers are now our beneficiaries availing the benefit of this scheme doing efficient farming.

First time with the assistance from Agriculture department for ‘Vasundhara Panlot’ we have trained the farmer’s and SHG’s with water harvesting techniques, Crop and water management, duties and responsibilities of PIA. This program implemented in IWMP Cluster No. 24 and IWMP Cluster No. 2.  For thorough understanding we have arranged the study tours to various places under expertise guidance.Seminars on soil testing, organic farming and horticulture were arranged.


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