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New Report Examines How to Sustainably Feed Earth’s Growing Population

A report, titled “Options for keeping the food system within environmental limits,” concluded that radical changes are necessary if we are to feed Earth’s growing population in a sustainable manner and warns that raising livestock is an inefficient way to produce calories. Source: EESI. Read more.

Work Bank denies funding to coal project, looks for greener alternatives

It seems there will be no further financial support for coal projects across the world from the agency. The Kosovo Government had applied for funding to finance a huge coal project, and the  application that was turned down. Source: Climate Change News. Read more.

Bill Gates Invests $116 Million in EU’s development of Clean Technologies

On October 17th, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation announced an investment of $116 Million in European companies to help develop clean technologies and bring them to market. This fund was made through Bill Gates’s start-up “Breakthrough Energy Ventures”. Source: Bloomberg. Read more.

Climate change to affect beer production

A research article in Nature published this week has shown that extreme weather, caused by climate change, will severely affect beer production in Europe. Barley crops will be affected by the extreme heat waves and droughts, and barley is a major ingredient in the production of beer. Source: The Guardian. Read more.

Celebrating the World Food Day and the importance of mainstreamed biodiversity

World Food Day was celebrated on the October 16th. This day was created to remind that several hundred million people around the world are undernourished, and in contemplation of making agriculture sustainable to nourish everybody, biodiversity should become mainstreamed. Source: UN Environment. Read more.

Climate Change to increase number of refugee seekers

Rising temperatures are expected to increase the number of “environmental refugees” fleeing to more developed regions like the United States and Europe. Millions will be forced to leave their home to escape worsening soil erosion, coastal flooding, desertification, and other impacts of climate change. Source: EESI. Read more.

Heavy rain and Floods wreak havoc in Nigeria

Since August, heavy rains have led to the overflowing of Nigeria’s 2 main rivers: the Niger and the Benue, causing large scale damage to life and property. Over 200 people have died and more than 2 million people have been affected by the disaster. Source: UN News. Read more.

Rising Sea Levels Threaten World Heritage Sites

Most UNESCO Heritage sites face the risk of being damaged due to soil erosion and rising water. Two out of the 49 UNESCO World Heritage sites are at risk of being eradicated by rising sea level and soil erosion caused by human driven climate change. Source: Read more.

The World Just Had One of Its Warmest Septembers Ever

According to the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Information, September 2018 ranks fourth with September 2017, for being warmest September the Earth has ever experienced. Source: Bloomberg. Read more.

Authoritarian Brazilian Politician Places Future of Amazon Rainforest in Doubt

Jair Bolsonaro is the leading candidate in Brazil’s presidential election, despite his outspoken opposition to environmental conservation and indigenous peoples, in addition to a public track record of racist, homophobic, and sexist behavior. Source: EESI. Read more.


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